Blindsign Archive 010 – Boogie Down Brixton

Here’s a disco mix I recorded in 2007 to get you in the mood for a new years party. Hopefully see some of you at Blackout in Brixton tonight.

Best wishes to everyone for the new year x

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Odd Christmas mix

a not-very-festive selection of punk funk/synth wave tracks….



Happy New Year to everyone.

Blindsign Archive 008 – Sunrise Over Hackney


Still one of my favourite mixes, from 2007, done for the Talking in Stereo blog

“it’s a mix in honour of a few lost weekends spent watching the sunrise from balconies of blocks of flats in the Hackney area of London.”

Blindsign Transmission 008

Day turns to night.. night turns to day… the rain clears in the dawnlight, the city sleeps but you do not…

Tracks from Demdike Stare, Black Rain, Innergaze, Orphan, Timothy J Fairplay, Newclear Waves, Neo and lots more plus the usual Blindsign editing, dubbing and blending…

Blindsign Transmission 007

An exotic selction of Anatolian funky rock, Rai, Hungarian boogie, a bit of Bollywood disco and more…

Blindsign Archive 007 – He Could See The Future

This mix was first broadcast on Intergalactic FM on New Years Day, 2009.

Psychic psychedelic spaced out themes for a disturbed mind.

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Blindsign Transmission 0006

A new blindsign transmission done up in a dubwise fashion.

Ethiopians dubbing in Addis Ababa…
Crossing the red sea… prophesies of red blood, strange things.. in babylon
……………..But keep on dancing to the music. Lets hear the rhythm of the dancing feet..
Synchronise to the heart beat….

Peace and love everyone.

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