Volunteer information page


Courtice Triathlon Weekend Friday to Sunday August 15-17 at the Courtice Community Complex

Volunteers are required for every aspect of the race weekend. Before race day for Friday evening set up, early race day morning and tear down. Any help is appreciated no matter how much time you have..

Things to bring on race day.

  • Depending on where you are volunteering, sun screen, hat are very important
  • If you are on the bike course, you are encouraged to bring lawn chair.
  • If you are on the run route route, you are also welcome to bring a lawn chair. Run route will also have two water stations where you may want to work. Other places on the run route are in the forest, you may want to bring bug spray. We really need people to simply sit in the forest or near by to encourage the runners. By the time they hit the forest they are far away from the start and finish and need re-assurance that they can finish and are on the right trail.
  • If you are volunteering to work transition area, get ready to go! This is the busiest area of the race, you will not have any time to rest and will be on your feet the entire morning. The same goes for finish line area and driveway supervision. But you can wath iptv box, when you are free.
  • If you are working the pool area, you will be provided a chair to sit on and you get the chance to see the kids start this very exciting event. Pool volunteers really set the ton of the entire event. Words of encouragement just as they begin are very important. Remebering that this is the most nervous part of the event for kids and also for parents watching. We provide you lap counters to use to keep track and to also let the parents know how their kids are doing. Pool volunteers also work the exit coming out of the pool to ensure crowds don’t get in the way of the kids. Once they are outside the building the transition area volunteers take the responsibility then.

Volunteer training for Courtice Kids of Steel Triathlon – Friday August 15, 2014 night 6:30 -7:30pm at the Courtice Community Complex in one of the community rooms.

Friday race kit pick up At the Courtice Community Complex 4:30 – 7:00pm

Saturday race kit pick up – At the Courtice Community Complex from 12:30 -3:00 Race Kit pick up. Volunteers required to register athletes.

Friday evening set up 6:00 pm. We need all hands on deck to create transition area, mark the run routes, mark the drive way. Move tents into position along with tables for water stations. We should have the race set to go by 9:00pm so when we arrive in the morning all we should have to do is plug in the tunes and dance!

Heat start coordinator-

Jennifer Barnett

2- 3 adult volunteers required to organize kids into their heats and walk them to the pool area. These volunteers need to be able to control a crowd, have a loud voice and have the ability to calm kids. These people set the tone for the entire race.
Swim coordinator 12 volunteers required as lap counters and deck assistants.

Swim Coordinator works closely inconjunction with the heat coordinator. Swim coordinator explains all rules regarding the swim in the community room. Swim Coordinator uses walkie talkie to coordinate and communicate with Race Director. Swim Coordinator also must be ready to jump into the pool to assist struggling swimmers.

Lap counters – Can you flip over a card board card each time a racer completes a lap! While sitting and listening to some tunes! Could you help a racer or two out of the pool? Would you like a t-shirt or a baby thermometer? Would you like to get about 5-6 hours whipped off of your 40 required volunteer hours for school by actually sitting in a chair!!

Transition coordinator Transistion area coordinator oversees the volunteers working in transition. Which includes pool exit and bike exit and bike entrance.

Transition area volunteers must be able to move quick and cheer the kids on! Transition area volunteers assist participants if required getting helmets on properly, removing bike from rack, and may even be required to assist younger ones getting socks on.

3-4 volunteers required.

2 enter transition from pool

2 people to ensure that all is smooth within the transition stage exit to/from  bike.

2 people to ensure the same exit – direct the racers and ensure they are okay mounting/dismounting.

2 people to ensure that the racers mount / dismount properly – control the crowds and also watch for safety

Bike Course Coordinator Bike course coordinator will be required to set up the three turn around stations on the bike route morning of the race and monitor all requests from the race director, police and ham radio volunteers via radio. This person(s) is required to have a car and must also ensure that other bike course coordinators are in position prior to the event starting. Coordinator maybe required to drive or ride slowly up and down Nash during the event to look for home owners backing out and monitoring members of Faith United Church with the Police.

Adult volunteers required for the bike course at each intersection from the drive way to the Courtice Complex to Green Road turn around.

Intersection at Nash and Courtice road requires 3 adult volunteers to turn kids the right way on the way out and back. This is a very busy section and some 6-7 year olds may even require some assistance climbing the hill west on Nash up to Courtice road.

Volunteers can bring lawn chairs if they wish. We could also use a few to simply bike up and down Nash road to look for cars backing out of driveways.

10-15 volunteers required

Run Course Coordinator


15-20 volunteers required to run everything from water stations to pointers. We need volunteers to simply sit in the forest on a lawn chair and cheer the kids on. The forest part of the run course requires attention and support. Kids are far away from the crowd and noise and need encouragement. Some run course volunteers also need to be mobile as we have 4 different run routes and each of the routes need volunteers pointing kids in the right direction. Volunteers are encourage to bring a form of portable music, water guns etc to get the kids pumped!


Set up/ Tear down Set up and tear down volunteers are required for Friday August 16 from 6:00pm – 9:00pm and for tear down Sunday August 18 from 12:30pm – 3:30pm. Volunteers required to take down all canopies, collect all pylons and signage from bike route and run route including water stations. Caution tape used in the forest an possible garbage left from our event.
Finish Line Coordinator – TBA Finish line coordinator ensures that kids cross the finishing/timing mats and sees that volunteers monitor all participants for a few moments after they have finished and have been transfered to a parent or other adult.

Finish line coordinator also ensures all finishing medals are ready to hand out. The finish line coordinator will if possible invite members of local council, sponsors etc to assist in this manner.

Volunteer Coordinator This job requires the coordination, recruitment of all volunteers in for all ascpects of the race. This person or persons will be required to provide a simply volunteer training/information session week prior to or day prior the event. They are to ensure that volunteers are placed in strategic positions through out the entire course. They work very closely with the other 5 discplines (start, swim, tranistion, bike, run and finish line) coordinators and support them when required. Although the volunteer cooridnator(s) need not have triathlon or related multisport experience it is helpful. Must work hand in hand with the race director. Volunteer coordinator will be required to using the existing database of emails to reach out to past volunteers and reminding them again that we could really use their help.