For Parents

Welcome to our Question and Answers page 2013
1. May I assist my child in any of the three events?
No, only parents of those in the 3-5 year old category. One parent or adult guardian in the water.
2. Can a child 6 and up use a flutter board or life jacket?
Yes, we allow those in the 6-7 age group to use a life jacket or flutter board.
3. Can I assist my child in the transition area?
No, only parents of those in the 3- 5 year old age group. We have volunteers who can assist your child in transition. They help with getting your childs helmet on if necessary, socks etc.
4. Can I ride along my with my child on his bike route?
No, its too dangerous.
5. How will I know when it is my childs time to race?
Although we would love to be able to tell you within 5 minutes right now when your child will be called to the pool. We simply can’t. Athletes will be arranged in heats, and the heat number will be announced by the Race Director or another volunteer on our PA system.
6. Can I watch my child during the swim?
Yes you can view them right in the lobby.
7. How much training should my child put into prior to race day?
Depends on how good of shape areobically your child is in. This is first and foremost an endurance event, not a sprint. We recommend that they should be able to complete the required lengths in the pool easily with enough energy left to do it again. Distances in the biking and running naturally vary depending on the age so being able to complete the bike distance comfortably at a descent pace would be the goal. With running being the last event and sometimes the toughest, covering the required distance after biking can be a challenge for most. We encourage kids to often during the summer practice that transition after biking and also practice getting on the bike soaking wet.
8. Where is the best place to view?
Most people hang around the start and finish, but there are some beautiful places to watch from right on the run route in the forest and even on the bike route.
9. What safety is put in place to protect my child while they are racing?
10. Our committee applys for and gets approval for Road Closure status for the bike route. This does not mean though that we can’t prevent home owners from backing out of their drive way and on to the road. It is the athletes responsibility to pay attention to this and to also pay attention to the estimated 15 Auxillary Police Officers that will be placed at each intersection. We also are priviledged to have two Ham Radio operator clubs present throughout the course in addition to the 22 two way radios placed all along the course. We also have First Aiders at and near the finish line and transition area. Our experience has been if there is going to be a tumble either off of the bike or running it will happen there.
11. How competive is the event overall?
Much like in every sport, there are participants which travel the province to race in triathlons every year. These youth are fast and are fun to watch. The majority just race in our event and that is it. In 2007 (our first year) half of the kids had never completed a triathlon before. At the time of writing the web page the registration list is showing that 50% right now are entering for the first time.
12. Does my child need a special bike?
No. But the bike needs to be in good working order and should fit them properly. Parents responsibility to ensure the bike is in good working order.
13. What should I bring for my child on race morning.
1.Swim suit, googles, running shoes, bike helmet, a safe bike, water bottle holder and a water bottle. (there are no water stops along the bike course) towel, t-shirt to race in, (dry weave preferrably) sun screen and socks.
14. Can I take pictures of my child while they are racing?
Absolutley. Race Director prefers his right side, thank you.
15. My 3-5 year old does not race until 10:30 on Saturday, what time should we arrive?
Details on race kit pick up will come soon as well as the entire race weekend schedule
17. When is the entire event completed?
In 2012 we had all athletes (225) off of the run route by about 12:00. We anticipate it going longer this year, hopefully wrapping up at around 12:00 just in time for the barbecue!
18. When will results be posted
Results will be posted soon after the event probably near the stage area. Awards for top three in each age group and the first place team award will be given at that time. Only athletes aged 6-15 are being timed.