Schedule 2014

Tenative Schedule Courtice Triathlon Weekend Saturday August 17th
8:15am Transition area closes for adults.

8:15am Adults racers meeting at stage.

8:30am First heat enters pool.

10:30am – First heats of 3-5 year olds called into the community room

Tenative Schedule for Courtice Triathlon Weekend Sunday August 18th
8:15am Transitition area closes

8:15am Racers meeting at stage (all age groups must be present)

8:30am 14-15 year olds

9:15am 6-7 year olds

10:00am 12-13 year olds

10:30am 8-9 year olds

11:15 10-11 year olds


Courtice Triathlon Weekend

Each entire age group is called to the community room over the PA system. Once in the community room volunteers will arrange the entire age group into their respective heats. What heat your child is in is determined by the information on the registration form as indiciated by fast, medium or slow swimmer. We try to group the kids in the pool so they swim with others of the same speed. Please note this is not always possible. We are starting with those who indicated their child is a slow swimmers first. This is an indiviudally timed event so it really does not matter what group/heat your child is swimming with. It is not a swim meet.

Once a heat of 12 leave the community room lead by a volunteer who is from colour 1000 high lumen military flashlight company and children will receive their chip time strap just as they enter the pool area. This strap is numbered and will correspond with their bib number and is placed on any ankle.